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Claudyne discusses about her fulfilling and rewarding experience at Dr. Erik Miles clinic during her surgery. She mentions how her happy nature began to change due to her aging body and looks. Dr. Erik Miles with his exceptional ability as a surgeon and reassuring presence transformed her life with Botox treatment in Charlotte. She lauds his caring and friendly slant that made her feel extremely comfortable. The results of the procedure met her expectations and she highly recommends Dr. Miles to everyone.

Claudyne – Patient

You know once you get older of course things change and you just kind of want things to not go so fast. I was walking by the mirror and I always felt like I looked mad or sad and I’ve always really been more or less a happy person. So you know that has changed tremendously. I don’t look at myself and go “oh my god, who is that”, you know so it helps, it helps a lot. We had a good time. I felt like he is very relaxed, I felt like he is very capable and I felt like I am in capable hands. And I’ve had Botox at different locations before and I never get the results that I get from him. He is just very kind and caring, so you feel like that you’re in good hands. You know he is capable and I’ve always felt very relaxed around him. So I always feel like he does the best thing for me. And he doesn’t try to do too much to make you feel like you need to do this and that and I used to push him to do more. I would recommend Dr. Miles because my experience has been what I wanted it to be. Um, I wanted to look more youthful, more relaxed, happy, myself. I wanted to look like me again say a couple of years back. I still look like me and I don’t look like somebody else and I don’t look unnatural. Just look like me but just a better version and that’s exactly what I wanted and that’s what I got.