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Latisse in Lake Norman

Full, dark lashes are a hallmark of natural beauty. However as we age, our lashes don’t always fill in like they used to. Hypotrichosis, or an inadequate or lack of hair, is a common development as we age; however the sparse or thin lashes may affect women of any age.

Latisse is a revolutionary prescription strength formula designed to promote the growth of natural lashes. We offer Latisse through our practice in North Charlotte. Latisse is approved by the FDA to cosmetically darken and lengthen lashes.

Hear from a real patient who has seen full results after using LATISSE® for 16 weeks.

What is using Latisse like?
Latisse is prescription strength, low dose of bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. Patients typically apply the solution daily for 16 weeks. Using a provided applicator brush, patients apply a single drop of the liquid at the base of the upper eyelid. Patients should use a cotton ball or cloth to remove excess fluid after application. Latisse is best applied to clean skin as part of the normal daily beauty routine.

With as few as four weeks of application, patients will begin to notice enhancements in their eyelashes. However the full benefits of Latisse treatment typically are not realized fully until 16 weeks of consistent application. After this time, the treatment is often modified to more of a maintenance regimen.

The progress of Latisse treatment follows the same course for most patients. After four weeks of application, many patients notice new eyelash growth and some increases in length. By eight weeks of treatment the bulk of patients note fuller and darker eyelashes. By the 12 week mark, patient eyelashes are noticeably longer, fuller and darker. 16 weeks marks the realization of the most dramatic changes, continued use typically maintains the results realized by the 16 week mark. If treatment becomes interrupted for any reason, patients may notice some thinning in the eyelashes. This is remedied by resumption of treatments.

Is Latisse right for me?
The objective of the Latisse treatment program is for patients to grow their own stronger, fuller, longer, and darker lashes. Patients who notice the most benefit are those who have recently experienced the thinning of lashes typically associated with aging.

Latisse is safe and appropriate for most patients, however the results are somewhat dependent on the size and quality of the existing lashes. Results can be quite dramatic. Patients with a history of eye problems including eye pressure should consult with their physicians prior to beginning Latisse treatment to determine if Latisse is appropriate.

Latisse does not produce many side effects. However some patients have reported redness of the eyes and itchiness due to irritation. Some patients do notice a slight darkening of the iris and a darkening in the pigmentation of the skin near the upper eyelashes.

If you have experience loss of length or fullness in your eyelashes, call our North Charlotte office to set-up an appointment for consultation to learn if this remarkable treatment is right for you. Women in the Lake Norman, Denver and Mooresville area don’t have to be satisfied with thin or short lashes. Patients who come in for consultation typically begin treatment the same day. Sixteen weeks later their lashes are full, dark, and beautiful. Our staff will show you what Latisse has done for them. Call our office at: (704) 896-5556

Below are featured women provided by LATISSE®. They are not wearing mascara and their lashes are not retouched.

LATISSE® Patient #1

LATISSE® Patient #2

LATISSE® Patient #3

LATISSE® Patient #4