Silagen Scar Therapy

We are proud to announce that Dr. Erik Miles became the first physician in North Carolina to offer “Embrace Scar Therapy”.

Embrace Scar therapy is a revolutionary way to minimize scars after aesthetic surgical procedures like tummy tucks and breast augmentations. Each embrace™ dressing is an elastic sheet that is designed to stretch and be applied over the scar to relieve the tension that exists during the skin’s healing process. By relieving that tension, embrace™ dressings can minimize the formation of scars and scar tissue. In a clinical study, patients saw a significant improvement in the appearance of their scars.

Studies have shown that relieving the tension created during the healing process for weeks after surgery can dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. For patients who have undergone a cosmetic surgical procedure, like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation, relieving this tension is key to managing and minimizing the formation of scars.
embrace™ Advanced Scar Therapy works to relieve this tension to manage the formation of scars and scar tissue. The result is a significant improvement in the appearance of scars.

Comfort, Protect and Minimize.

Embrace™ Advanced Scar Therapy is waterproof and each dressing also protects the newly formed scar. Embrace™ Advanced Scar Therapy is comfortable to wear and patients reported that the Embrace™ treated scar was less painful.

  • 95% of the time patients reported that embrace™ dressings were comfortable to wear.
  • ƒƒTwice as often, patients reported that the embrace™ treated scar was less painful than the untreated side.


Abdominal Scar Revision - AP10617 Rev B Abdominal Scar Revision 2 - AP10619 Rev B Abdominoplasty 1 - AP10614 Rev B


If you are interested in this exciting procedure, exclusively offered in North Carolina by Dr. Miles, please feel free to contact us today!