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Gynecomastia Surgery (Male Breast Reduction) in Huntersville

Breasts are most commonly associated with the feminine form. However, nearly half of the male population suffers from a condition known as gynecomastia wherein the male chest appears to have characteristically feminine breasts. This condition is often disparaged in  popular culture with terms like “man boobs”. However gynecomastia, especially in its extreme, can cause significant discomfort in addition to embarrassment and loss of body confidence for those who are affected by the condition. Gynecomastia often impedes social interaction. Men with the condition often avoid sports, intimacy and other vital social experiences because of discomfort and lack of body confidence. Some who suffer from gynecomastia may even go as far as masking their chests with bulky clothing or complicated bindings.

If you are seeking a male breast reduction to treat your gynecomastia, give us a call at our North Charlotte office to set-up a consultation. Dr. Erik Miles is an accomplished surgeon who will take time to discuss your desired results and help you understand the treatments available to remedy your condition.

What is male breast reduction surgery like?

In many cases a non-invasive liposuction procedure will be all that is necessary to remove excess breast tissue to flatten the chest and deliver the desired results. By targeting the excess fat deposits and tissue in the chest area, liposuction permanently removes the volume that creates the appearance of male breasts. The result of liposuction is a more masculine shape without the need for reduction surgery.

In more pronounced gynecomastia cases, male breast reduction surgery may be the only option to remove excess glandular chest tissue. During the breast reduction surgery tissue will be removed through a discreet incision, often located in the armpit. In the case of very feminine or pendulous male breasts, the extra skin will be removed to provide a tighter drum-like chest.

The end goal of gynecomastia surgery or corrective liposuction is a strong and flat male chest. Men who undergo breast reduction enjoy a renewed sense of social optimism and feel more free to engage in sports, sex, and other physical activities.

Am I a good candidate for male breast reduction?

Gynecomastia stems from a variety of causes. Sometimes the male breasts overdevelop as a result of hormonal changes. These imbalances may occur as a result of prescription drug use or the use of anabolic steroids. Weight gain may also cause the formation of male breasts. Quite often there is no outside causation–the condition is simply an inherited trait.

Because gynecomastia stems from a variety of causes, a comprehensive health history will be taken at the time of your appointment. If the cause is related to anabolic steroid use or a particular prescription drug, you may be ask to discontinue use prior to treatment. Similarly if weight is a factor, a weight loss program might be recommended to see if the condition resolves on its own without surgery. It is important to address the underlying health concerns related to these causes prior to undertaking surgery in order to ensure success. If the health condition persists after surgery breast tissue may redevelop–negating the surgical outcomes. It is not typically possible to revisit male breast reduction surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about gynecomastia surgery, give our North Charlotte office a call to set-up a consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the procedure.

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