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Otoplasty in Charlotte

Overly prominent ears may be a source of unwanted attention that causes embarrassment throughout a lifetime. Fortunately otoplasty, a procedure that surgically corrects prominent ears, offers those who are unhappy with the size or shape of their ears a simple surgical solution that corrects these ear deformities and creates a more pleasing appearance. Otoplasty patients at North Charlotte Plastic Surgery enjoy positive outcomes as a result of this corrective procedure.

What is an otoplasty procedure like?

The surgical procedure is designed to pin the ears closer to the head and in some cases to reduce the overall size of the ears. Two different irregularities can cause ears to stick out prominently. Some otoplasty patients possess an overy-prominent conchal bowl–the bowl-shaped area of the ear that surrounds the ear canal.

A conchal bowl deformity occurs when the cartilage of the ear fails to fully form. Because the malformed conchal bowl lacks a natural bend, the ear juts out more prominently than a well-formed ear. The excess cartilage needs to be reduced in this instance to allow the midsection of the ear to fold back closer to the skull.

The second irregularity occurs when the cartilage of does not form a natural antihelical fold which helps the ear cartilage fold back toward the skull in a fully formed ear. The lack of a natural antihelical fold causes the upper portion of the ear to jut out. The ear in this area appears smooth and lacks the normal ear contours.  Often people with this deformity are described as having elfin ears. Otoplasty recreates the missing fold through surgery.

During otoplasty small incisions are made behind the ear to reduce visible scarring. Stitches may be used to hold the ear in its new shape as the cartilage heals and reshapes from surgery. Patients also typically wear a headband for a week or two after surgery to hold the ears in place.

Am I a good candidate for an otoplasty procedure?

Ear surgery focuses on creating a symmetrical and natural shape that matches the proportions of the rest of the face and head. Both children and adults can experience a greatly improved body image because of this surgical procedure.  In fact, many adults who undergo the surgery wish they had undertaken it sooner.

Many times deformed or prominent ear cartilage can be remolded in early infancy. It is a simple procedure to perform on a newborn because the cartilage is very soft and pliable. This early intervention helps prevent a childhood of unwanted attention and embarrassment. If not reformed in infancy, surgery is typically required to reshape the cartilage.  Otoplasty can be safely performed on children and adult patients alike (anyone who dislikes the way their ears protrude or project from the head). Early treatment is recommended due to the more flexible properties of the cartilage in younger patients.

If you or your child have prominent or misshapen ears, set-up a consultation appointment at our North Charlotte office to discuss the possibility of otoplasty and other procedures that can help reduce the size and improve the shape of the ears. Dr. Erik Miles is a skilled and experienced surgeon who will take the time to discuss your surgical options and understand your goals for surgery.

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