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The patient talks about her surgery experience with Dr. Miles. She discuss about how she was in a bad emotional state prior to surgery and how it changed her life for better. Surgery done by Dr. Miles in worked wonders for her and now she is more assured about herself. She also can wear whatever she feels like, even bathing suits. She cites how her mother travelled from Nashville just to visit Dr. Miles for Botox treatment. She praises Dr. Miles for his immaculate bedside manner and follow-up routine along with his skills as a plastic surgeon. Patient highly recommends Dr Erik Miles to anyone who is looking for quality plastic surgery in Charlotte.


My results are perfect. I am so happy umm couldn’t ask for anything better, beyond my expectations truly because they were sort of in a bad place and umm he worked magic I have no scars I’m, feel great about myself much more self confidence love wearing my bathing suit now I love it clothes feel better. He makes us look real life you know and better than real life. Umm just enhances what we already have. I recommended Erik to a lot of people and all of them have come and they all have adored him and thought he did wonderful professional just a great job. My mother recommended him to my mother and she comes from Nashville Tennessee all the way here just to see Erik for her regular Botox appointments and other procedures she had done so yeah. Everybody here knows my first name they know your kids names, they are really interested in your life outside of just you know whatever procedure you’re having done they are they make you feel so warm and comfortable and at ease and um, they bring in some humor sometimes when you feel nervous .They just make sure you’re taken care off. It’s um it is, it’s like being with family. After the procedures I’ve had he calls at night home to make sure I’m okay. The follow up he has is incredible. His bedside manner is fantastic. He takes his time. You don’t feel rushed ever. I’ve never felt rushed. I totally trust Erik completely trust him with my body.