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Patient bears testimony to Dr. Miles superior skills as a plastic surgeon and hands on approach. She underwent a tummy tuck surgery in Charlotte four years back, the results of which were amazing. She expresses her immense satisfaction with her surgery and how it has transformed her personality. She feels really good about herself now and even at the age of 40 she retains her charisma. She also gives a special mention to Dr. Miles upfront attitude and how he cares to explain about the surgery in detail to patients. Dr. Miles is very approachable as a person and cares a lot about his patients.


I had a tummy tuck and it was done about 4 years ago and it was an amazing experience. Dr. Miles is very easy to talk to you that’s one thing that made it really comfortable explain to you everything that can happened very honest about what makes sense and what doesn’t make sense for your body type but if you still want to do it here’s what that’s gonna look like for you. I had a little mommy pudge so getting that out of the way made me feel comfortable with my clothes I can wear bikini now I never wore bikini before and You know before I’m going to be 41 in April and it just, it does make you feel sexy so it feels good. when I wake up in the morning and I do, I look in the mirror I’m like okay that’s not too bad I can work on something here maybe something there but yes it makes you feel really good

One other reason I recommend Dr. Miles to someone other than you know just he is very easy to talk to is just the care that not only he but the entire the office takes of you because it is it’s a, it can be a life changing procedure that you’re going through it so you do really want someone who cares about you and they make you feel they care.