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Dr Erik Miles discusses about the problems faced by various women due to very large breasts and small amount of breast tissue. He suggests Breast reduction as the apt solution to the problems related to excessively large breasts. Dr Miles and his team of committed experts have performed many breast reduction surgeries in Charlotte office. They take supreme care in providing individualized treatment to all the patients. They also deal with the patient’s insurance firms to ensure the he or she receives all the benefits. Breast reduction surgery in Charlotte is a very common surgical procedure. It is done under general anesthesia and the patients recover easily within a week or two with the help of slight medication, without much discomfort. The results are extremely predictable and satisfying which makes it worth all the effort. The happiness which patients experience after seeing the results is highly satisfying for Dr. Miles.

Dr. Erik Miles – Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reduction is one of the procedures that we do here very often. It’s one of my favorite procedures. The results are very predictable and I have a high standard for achieving a great cosmetic result. A good candidate for a breast reduction procedure is anyone who desires smaller breast. This will range from patients who have just a small amount of breast tissue that they’re unhappy with to very very large breast that cause symptoms like neck back shoulder pain. Some patients are dealing with chronic rashes and so we can really address those quite well with surgery. Breast reduction surgery is done is under general anesthesia. It can be done on an outpatient basis depending on the patient. Most patients who have the breast reduction will take about a week off their normal activities. They will have some restrictions after that point but the first week is really the only time when they’re little bit uncomfortable and they may take a little bit of their pain medicine. Some breast reduction procedures are covered by patient’s insurance plans. The criterion is somewhat restrictive of my staff is very experienced in working with insurance companies to make sure that we can get those things covered when it is part of patient’s benefits. Breast reduction is an extremely common procedure in this practice because I love to do it, the patients are very happy. They have often been dealing with symptoms related to large breast for many many years and in one operation we can take all that away.