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Dr. Erik Miles, MD, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Charlotte discusses about the Tummy Tuck procedure in detail. Tummy Tuck, known as Abdominoplasty in medical terms, has made several patients happy with its predictable results. As per Dr Miles, anyone who has laxity in the skin in the lower abdomen is a good candidate for this procedure. He briefly shares how the procedure is carried out and that it works great in helping patients get an overall flat abdomen. Several patients have been benefited by Tummy Tuck surgery in Charlotte. Dr. Miles simply loves to do the procedure because his patients are thrilled to see a highly contoured and appealing abdomen.

Dr. Erik Miles – Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

A Tummy Tuck procedure or abdominoplasty, which is the medical term for the procedure, is extremely common nationally. It consistently ranks in one of the top five procedures that is done across the country. The reason is I think that patients are extremely happy the results are very predictable. Good candidates for the procedure are really anyone who has laxity in the skin in the lower abdomen. All the sit-ups and exercise in the world is not going to remove most of that loose skin, and that’s why tummy tuck is such a wonderful operation. Abdominoplasty procedure starts with a low transverse incision. The incision is very well concealed with an undergarment or swim wear, and so, even after the procedure, if you are not wearing a lot of clothing, it is very difficult in those cases to tell that you have had the procedure, other than your abdomen will be nice and flat. The procedure also works very well for getting most of the striae or stretch marks off the abdomen because most of those are in the lower parts of the abdomen after pregnancy. It is the way to excise all the loose and sagging skin that will never go away, no matter how much exercise you do. The other thing that we can do is tighten the muscles of the abdomen to further flatten the abdomen and give a better overall appearance. I give patients very detailed instructions on what they can or can’t do, and this world is what to expect after surgery. And so, it usually goes very smoothly and patients do really well. I love to do the procedure because patients are so happy. The results are very predictable and patients are thrilled when they see how much of the skin we can really get off their lower abdomen.