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The patient talks about her wonderful experience with regard to her plastic surgery in Charlotte done by Dr. Erik Miles. She talks about how she received family like treatment during her time in the clinic. She is extremely pleased and satisfied with the results even after five years of her cosmetic surgery in Charlotte. She mentions how she has been showered with flattering remarks and also cites an incident in which a young girl complimented on her youthful looks. This has made her more confident and self assured. She also lauds Dr Miles for his concerned attitude and hands on approach. His care and personal attention along with tremendous skill as a surgeon has added a new dimension of joy to her life. She strongly recommends him to everyone who desires to have a plastic surgery.


Oh when I came to Dr Miles initially, um, they made me feel right at home and just like with a family member the care and the concern from the beginning all the way through the end and even years later I feel like I am still part of the family here. I was amazed at the results that Dr. Miles could produce and it’s been several years now, almost five years since I’ve initially came to him and I just feel like it improves and if I do get older, I am getting older and aging more gracefully. I did have a doctor’s appointment a couple of weeks ago and I checked myself in and she brought up now and this is very young girl and she goes wow! You don’t look 59. I said Oh! Thank you very much and just kept going. But you know of course that changed your life. You know you rather be thought of as looking younger than your age or older and you always feel better about yourself when you look better. He is the type of doctor that when you meet him you know right away that he has your best interest at heart. He is very caring and compassionate for the person not just for the patient and getting the results in, get you out of the work. He truly cares. A gifted surgeon, an awesome person and I would recommend him to anybody. As a matter of fact, I have.