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Dr. Erik Miles is a double board certified plastic surgeon who is an expert in performing labiaplasty near Charlotte. Many women face problems caused due to the enlarged inner labia. This compels them to stay away from certain social situations. Dr. Erik Miles provides them relief from their problems related to vaginal discomfort through Labiaplasty in Charlotte. It is an extremely safe operation that usually doesn’t take more than two hours. Patients with their self confidence restored, are relieved and happy after this reconstructive procedure and can go home the same day. With few weeks of rest and light medication, they can resume their regular activities.

Dr Erik Miles – Double board certified plastic surgeon

A Labiaplasty procedure is a vaginal rejuvenation or reconstructive procedure that enables patients to reduce the size of their inner labia. The enlarged inner labia is a source of anxiety for many patients. They avoid certain social situations and in many cases it’s uncomfortable for them. Patients are very happy after this operation and have much more self confidence in certain situations after this procedure and we love to do it for them. It’s a very safe operation and they do great. The procedure is done in the operating room. It typically takes about an hour and a half. It’s a procedure where they go home that day, so it’s outpatient surgery and its instantaneous results. The patients will have about a week of downtime where they’ll be on some pain medication and have some activity restrictions but beyond that they typically get back to their normal activities.