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Breast Reduction Risks Charlotte

Is a breast reduction safe?

Safety is the foremost priority with any surgical procedure at North Charlotte Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Breast reduction surgery is very safe. It is one of the most common breast procedures with over 120,000 breast reduction procedures safely performed annually in the United States.

Because the surgery addresses the fatty and glandular breast tissue excess, it is not necessary to operate more invasively near vital structures during the procedure. Prior to any surgery, all patients undergo a thorough medical history screening during the consultation process.

Medical testing and clearance for surgery from other providers is sometimes necessary. Charlotte Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Miles performs the surgery in the hospital setting under general anesthesia using board certified anesthesiologists. He also works with an experienced and highly qualified team of assistants that have assisted with these procedures for many years. Dr. Miles has extensive experience with breast reduction surgery. He is a double board certified plastic surgeon who has been performing this procedure for many years.

Although complications can occur with any procedure, they are very rare with breast reduction surgery. In rare instances when complications related to this procedure do occur, they are usually minor and can be managed effectively in the office based setting without a return to the operating room.

If the Breast Reduction seems right for you, please call Dr. Miles at our Huntersville office at (704) 896-5556 to schedule your consultation today.