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Breast Reduction Benefits Charlotte

What are the common reasons why a patient wants a breast reduction?

Patients who desire breast reduction surgery generally have physical symptoms that negatively impact their ability to perform many routine daily tasks. Physical activities are often limited by very large breast size and patients find it very difficult to exercise or participate in many of these activities. The symptoms are usually long-standing and patients are often referred by primary care doctors or other health care providers who have been treating the symptoms. Patient’s complain of significant back, neck and shoulder pain caused by the weight of the breasts. Symptoms of other medical conditions such as back or neck injuries can be exacerbated by the heaviness of the breasts. This heaviness also causes indentations in the shoulders from bra strap pressure. Skin discoloration can also occur. Many patients wear multiple brassieres which further aggravate and intensify the shoulder grooving. Large breasts can also cause chronic moisture and skin irritation underneath her breasts. This can lead to rashes or bacterial and fungal infections. An infection in this area as referred to as intertrigo. Many patients attempt to address this condition with powders, creams, or even antiperspirants which are cumbersome and usually ineffective.

What are realistic expectations for a patient having a breast reduction?

Long term, patients can expect relief of the symptoms that were caused by their large breasts. Patients undergoing breast reduction surgery are some of the most satisfied patients in plastic surgery. Surveys show that almost all of them would undergo the procedure again or recommend it to a friend who is experiencing symptoms from large breasts. Patients can expect clothing to fit better. Patients will commonly comment that it is much easier to shop for clothing. Patients can buy “regular” bras instead of those found only in specialty shops or by mail order. Many patients find it much easier to exercise after breast reduction surgery. This will often facilitate weight loss efforts. Patients are also very happy with the resulting improved size and shape of the breasts. Patients feel much more confident about their bodies. Breast reduction can be a life changing procedure for most women.

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