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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Some Charlotte breast augmentation candidates wish for larger, more shapely breasts, but pause at the idea of placing a foreign object in their body. Dr. Erik Miles offers these women an incredible opportunity: the chance to add volume and fullness to the breasts using their own body fat (autologous fat). This technique is called fat transfer or fat grafting, and it is commonly used for other applications in plastic surgery, too. Breast augmentation with fat transfer has been shown to be very safe and effective for women that are dissatisfied with small breasts or who have experienced changes in the breasts due to age, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy or nursing.

Understanding Fat Transfer

The fat transfer process involves collecting fat from an area of the body in which it exists in surplus, and adding it to another targeted area of the body that lacks volume. Plastic surgeons often use fat transfer in facial rejuvenation – i.e., transplanting fat to volumize the cheeks, lips, jawline or temples – as well as buttock and breast augmentation.

Patients love fat transfer for a few reasons:

Avoids implantation of foreign object – The idea of implanting a foreign object into the face, body or breasts can make some patients hesitate. Although the implants that Dr. Miles uses are extensively studied and shown to be very safe, he understands that certain patients are still uncomfortable with the concept. For some, using their own fat is a more acceptable alternative. Fat transfer also eliminates the chances of infection and other complications related to artificial implants.

Body contouring benefits – In addition to volumizing the area receiving the fat, the “donor” area from which the fat was taken looks slimmer and more sculpted after the fat transfer procedure. This is a very appealing option for someone concerned about excess body fat in areas like the abdomen or buttocks.

Fat Transfer to the Breasts

There are several steps in the fat transfer process. The first step involves removing surplus fat from the abdomen, buttocks or hips. During the procedure, Dr. Miles uses liposuction techniques to collect the unwanted fat from the donor area, strategically removing it in a way that creates pleasing body contours. Once he has gathered this fat, it is prepared for injection by separating out only the healthiest fat cells. Dr. Miles then injects small amounts of healthy fat into the breasts to add shape and volume.

Sometimes a special suction-pump bra device is used preoperatively to expand the breast tissue in preparation of the fat transfer. Studies have shown that pre-expansion using this special bra device provides better results than fat transfer alone, as it creates a type of “scaffolding” that the transplanted fat cells can then occupy.

Though fat transfer to the breasts is very safe, there is the possibility that some of the transferred fat cells will not develop a blood supply and thrive. Secondary grafting is sometimes necessary.  Dr. Miles will discuss this during your consultation.

Charlotte Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

For more information about breast augmentation with fat transfer, Dr. Miles invites you to schedule a personal consultation. Call or email our office today to make your appointment.