The MicroAire PAL LipoSculptor® offers superior results with an easier recovery

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Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the US, and has been rising in popularity over the past several years. With many Americans feeling the negative effects of unwanted fat (which is often resistant to changes in lifestyle), it’s no surprise that so many people are seeking a way to improve their body contours and finally get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat.

During liposuction, unwanted fat is removed from the body through a cannula, which is a narrow tube inserted into the body through a small incision. There are many different types of cannulas available, and which one your surgeon uses can actually make a huge difference in the results that he or she will be able to create for you.

Here at our office, Dr. Miles chooses to use the MicroAire PAL LipoSculptor® in order to achieve the great results that he always demands for his patients. Why has he chosen this particular liposuction device? What advantages does it have over others? How does it help him to create for his patients the bodies of their dreams?

The MicroAire PAL LipoSculptor®

What makes the MicroAire PAL LipoSculptor® unique is that it’s the only liposuction cannula currently available that uses a reciprocating motion, rather than a rotating motion, to help it advance through tissue. In other words, it moves back and forth, rather than moving around in a circle like other cannulas do.

The reciprocating motion of the cannula is very small. In fact, it’s so small that it’s actually difficult to see it directly with the naked eye. This movement helps to make it easier for the device to move through tissue, requiring less force on the part of the surgeon and leading to many benefits that our patients notice.

Reduced tissue damage

Because it moves through tissue more easily, the PAL LipoSculptor causes less damage to the other tissues in the area, such as blood vessels and connective tissue. This is especially true in areas with more fibrous tissue, which can otherwise get in the way of the movement of the cannula and force the surgeon to push hard to get the cannula through. The reciprocating motion of this cannula greatly reduces the amount of force that the surgeon must apply to get it to move through tissue, causing less damage. This leads to less bruising and swelling after surgery, and healing that is faster and more comfortable. Our patients appreciate that they need very little downtime after having a liposuction procedure using this system.

Additionally, this system doesn’t use any heat, but rather relies on the movements of the cannula to facilitate the process of liposuction. This eliminates the possibility of tissue burns, which can occur with other systems (such as those that use lasers or ultrasound to help break up the fat tissue). Burns can interfere with healing, and may lead to scarring and uneven body contours long-term. By avoiding the use of heat, the PAL LipoSculptor avoids this risk.

Helps to preserve fat cell viability

Another advantage of the PAL LipoSculptor is that it causes minimal damage to the fat cells that are removed. Why does this matter? Because, although simply discarding the fat cells is certainly an option, it’s becoming more and more popular for patients to want to transfer those fat cells to another part of the body. For example, they may be injected into the breasts for a volume increase, or into certain parts of the face to help provide facial rejuvenation.

If fat cells are to be transferred, the less damage there is to those cells, the greater the chances that they will survive in their new location. The main risk of fat transfer is that the fat cells will be too damaged to survive, and will die off and be reabsorbed by the body. Using this liposuction system gives them a greater chance of survival after transfer.

Greater surgeon control

Because the PAL system is power-assisted, it doesn’t require the surgeon to use a lot of force to move the cannula through tissue. This not only reduces tissue damage, but it also gives the surgeon greater control over the cannula. Because liposuction is above all a method of body contouring, great results are dependent on fat being removed precisely in the right places. It’s not simply a matter of removing fat, but removing it in exactly the right places and in the right pattern to create aesthetically pleasing results. The more control Dr. Miles has over the placement of the cannula during the procedure, the more he is able to sculpt exactly the body that you’re dreaming of.

Are you considering liposuction Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius, Mooresville, or other parts of the Charlotte area?

Dr. Eric MilesLiposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, both nationwide and here at our practice for good reason. Unwanted fat deposits, which are often resistant to diet and exercise, are a very common concern, and many people would like to improve their body shape by getting rid of these. Here at North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Erik Miles offers liposuction using advanced technology with proven results, to offer his patients the very best possible results from their procedure. If you’re considering liposuction Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius, Mooresville, or other parts of the Charlotte area, please give us a call to schedule a consultation, so you can learn more about your options.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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