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Dr. Erik Miles- Now Offering Silagen Scar Therapy in North Carolina

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Erik Miles now offers physician-exclusive Silagen Scar Therapy for men and women who wish to minimize unwanted scars.

The Silagen Scar Refinement System is a breakthrough in medical technology that helps to minimize and reduce scarring after invasive surgical procedures like breast surgery, tummy tucks, or reconstructive surgery. Seventy-five percent of patients with scarring from surgery have voiced a strong desire to remove or reduce scarring by any means possible, while 87% of patients voiced general concern over post-operative scarring.


Comprehensive Medical-Grade Silicone Scar Therapies

Silagen is a unique silicone gel that reduces scarring by penetrating through to the deeper layers of skin cells and stimulating healing. It minimizes the scarring by boosting new skin cell turnover and softening the scar tissue. It regulates keratin production, allowing for softening of the scar tissue and overall smoother skin. After two to three months, all rough scar tissue disappears as the excessive collagen production slows and reduces keratin formation and normal collagen production is restored.

Silicone Gel for Scars offers a flexibility, allowing the treatment to be massaged into the offending tissue, while offering more freedom for placement. Facial scars and those in other difficult areas particularly benefit from the silky, liquid format of the gel. This formula is available in pure silicone gel or with SPF 30 added for protection from the sun’s damaging effects on scar tissue.

Silagen Silicone Gel Sheeting are sheets made with medical grade silicone gel that helps promote faster healing by creating an ideal environment for the skin to heal. The sheeting is reusable and is available in various sizes to accommodate the wide array of incision sizes and shapes. Like the gel, it boosts collagen production at the scar site while trapping moisture, which softens the scar tissue.

With both Silagen gel and Silagen sheeting, patients saw a marked improvement in healing. They reported less pronounced scar appearances while decreasing healing time.

Tests and live patient results have demonstrated that for the best effects, Silagen treatment is most effective with both the gel treatment and daily application of the strips. It is ideal to alternate which days you use the strips and the gel. This way, your skin can heal quickest, thus decreasing the amount of time required to heal from the surgery.


Multiple studies have demonstrated that creating an ideal healing environment and boosting collagen growth is successful reduced scars appearance and texture. For patients who have undergone extensive or very invasive surgical procedures, creating an ideal healing environment is essential for reducing scarring and preventing further scar tissue from developing.

Silagen scar gel reverses scarring by moisturizing skin tissues and promoting collagen production, which is key to reducing the formation of scar tissues. The final resuls is clear skin that feels smooth and soft.

Comfortable, Non-Irritating, and Effective

Silagen scar treatments include a specialized gel or strips that protects scar tissue from damage while promoting faster healing. Silagen strips are very comfortable to wear and patients report minimal side effects. The gel and strips work on many types of scars regardless of location or size. The multiple sizes and shapes of the strips allow for maximum comfort while boosting healing. In addition, the strips and gel do not hurt at all when applying or removing. Many users state that the gel and strips reduce discomfort around the scar site.

If you have stubborn prominent post op scars that will not disappear and are interested in this brand new revolutionary product, Dr. Erik Miles offers Silagen treatment locally in North Carolina. Feel free to contact our friendly and expert office staff to speak with Dr. Miles about starting treatment.