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How can breast asymmetry be corrected?

How can breast asymmetry be corrected?

Plastic surgeon Lake Norman, Davidson, Cornelius, Mooresville, Charlotte

Most of us think of our bodies as symmetrical, but this isn’t really true. All bodies are asymmetrical to some degree, with differences between the right and left sides. Because of this, nearly all women will have at least a small size difference between the right and left breasts.

However, for some women, the size difference is more pronounced, with one breast significantly larger than the other. This can make it very difficult to find bras, swimsuits, and clothing that fit well and are supportive and comfortable. 

Some women may choose to have plastic surgery in order to address the problem. The specific procedure chosen for correcting breast asymmetry depends on the woman’s specific situation. What are the surgical options for correcting breast asymmetry? Will insurance cover the procedure?

Breast augmentation

If the woman is satisfied with the size of her larger breast, then a breast augmentation can be done on the smaller one to bring it up to the same size. This can be done using a breast implant, or fat transfer. Because the size increase that can be achieved through fat transfer is smaller, this will only be an option for those with a relatively small amount of asymmetry. If the asymmetry is more significant, then a breast implant will give a better result.

If a woman would like both breasts to be larger, while also correcting the asymmetry, then breast augmentation with implants can be done on both breasts, but with one breast implant larger than the other.

Breast reduction

Alternatively, if a woman is satisfied with the size of her smaller breast, then a breast reduction can be performed on the larger one to make it a similar size. A good plastic surgeon can tailor the removal of tissue in order to make the two breasts look very similar. If both breasts are too large, then a breast reduction can be performed on both, with more tissue being removed from the larger one.

A breast lift is generally done as part of a breast reduction. If a woman has a breast reduction on only one breast, then she may also choose to have a lift on the second breast, to address sagging. This will help to create a pleasing and symmetrical appearance of the two breasts.

Will insurance cover the procedure?

In some cases, surgery to correct breast asymmetry will be paid for by health insurance. In order for the procedure to be covered, there needs to be a significant degree of asymmetry that is creating chronic symptoms to deem the surgery “medically necessary”. Keep in mind, that it is very rare for insurance to deem asymmetry as medically necessary and not as cosmetic. Additionally, if the diagnosis is breast asymmetry, and your insurance agrees the procedure is medically necessary, then insurance will generally only cover a procedure on one breast (either augmentation or reduction). If a woman is having a procedure on both breasts (for example, augmentation with two different sizes of implants), then the procedure on the second breast will generally not be covered.

The best way to find out whether your procedure will be covered is to call your insurance company ahead of time and talk to them. Navigating health insurance can be confusing, and understanding your benefits can be difficult as well, so make sure you are asking specific questions related to your particular procedure when you contact your insurance carrier. 

Plastic surgeon Lake Norman, Davidson, Cornelius, Mooresville, Charlotte

If you’re bothered by a significant asymmetry of your breasts, then your next step is to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon. After an exam and a discussion of your goals for your body, your surgeon will be able to offer you personalized advice, and let you know what results you could likely expect from each of your options.

If you’re in Lake Norman or any other part of the greater Charlotte area, then we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Miles. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon, he’s well-versed in many different techniques of breast reduction and breast augmentation. He will spend the time to talk with you about your options, and if you choose to proceed with surgery, you’ll get the benefit of his excellent surgical skills. To book your appointment, please contact our front desk.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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