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Get beach body ready for the summer with a body makeover – plastic surgeon Huntersville NC

The weather is warming up, and you know what that means – swimsuit season is coming!

BeachWith those first few warm, sunny days, many people start dreaming about going to the beach or the pool. These should be relaxing places, where you can enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, for many people, anxiety about how their bodies look in a swimsuit makes it hard to enjoy them. There are even some people who completely avoid wearing a swimsuit in front of others because they feel so self-conscious.

Healthy eatingSome people work to improve their bodies by eating better and exercising more. Of course, it’s great when people begin to get healthier. However, many people find that their new healthy habits don’t give them the body they desire. Although they may feel great, they still don’t look the way they want to.

The unfair truth is that diet and exercise, while wonderful for your health, won’t give everyone the body that they want. Genetics plays a huge role in what your body looks like, and everyone’s body responds differently to healthy habits.

Although you can’t change your genes, that doesn’t mean that you just have to live with being self-conscious about your body for the rest of your life. A body makeover performed by a board certified plastic surgeon can help you address your problem spots, so that you feel more confident in your body. This can include a variety of different procedures, depending on your needs and goals. Dr. Miles plans a unique body makeover tailored to each individual patient. Here are some of the procedures that are commonly performed as part of a body makeover.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy TuckFor many people, losing weight still won’t give them that prized flat belly. This can be the case when the muscles of the abdomen are separated at the midline (due to pregnancy, a previous weight gain, or simply genetics). In this case, the belly will always look a bit “pooched,” even if you’re thin. More crunches aren’t the answer; in fact, they’ll only separate the muscles further.

Some people also have excess loose skin on the abdomen. Unfortunately, this is common after significant weight loss. Just when you’ve finally succeeded in losing weight, you find that your belly is covered in sagging skin. It’s also common after a pregnancy, even after losing the baby weight. That extra skin can keep you from looking good in a swimsuit.

A tummy tuck can bring the two halves of the abdominal muscle back together, helping to flatten the belly. In addition, the procedure will remove any excess sagging skin, and tighten the remaining skin, to smooth out the tummy.


LiposuctionWhile diet and exercise help most people to lose weight overall, there are often stubborn pockets of fat that remain. Unfortunately, when you lose weight, it’s not possible to choose where the weight comes off. The pattern of weight loss is different for everyone. Some people find that the places they’re most unhappy with are the same ones that resist change, with pockets of fat remaining even after they’re at their goal weight.

Liposuction is the surgical removal of fatty tissue. It’s used to gently break up and remove fat tissue from those areas where it has been difficult to get rid of, helping the patient to achieve his or her desired body contours.

It’s very important to remember that liposuction is not intended for overall weight loss. To be a good candidate for liposuction, a patient should be within 25 pounds of his or her ideal body weight.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation When women lose weight, most women are happy to see their bellies, hips, and thighs getting smaller. However, many women aren’t so excited when they realize that their breasts are getting smaller as well. Breasts are actually made up mostly of fat. When you lose weight, you lose it everywhere, including in your breasts. After pregnancy and breastfeeding women can also experience a significant loss of volume in the breasts. Some women’s breasts are genetically smaller than average to begin with. Having small breasts leaves many women feeling self-conscious in a swimsuit when their breasts don’t fill out the top of the suit; or they may feel they look disproportionate.

There’s no exercise, device, or supplement that can increase your breast size. If you want to have ample feminine breasts that look great in a swimsuit, then the best way to achieve this is through breast augmentation. As a plastic surgeon Huntersville NC, Dr. Miles offers a variety of different types of breast implants, so that you can choose the one that makes the most sense for you.

Breast Lift

Breast LiftFor some women, a breast augmentation alone will be enough to give them the full, perky breasts they desire. For others, sagging of the breasts also needs to be addressed. This is especially true for women who are mothers, as pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a huge toll on the breasts, causing them to droop.

Sagging breasts generally don’t look or feel good in a swimsuit. Tops designed to hoist the breasts up to the proper position often feel uncomfortable, and don’t achieve satisfying results. A breast lift can restore the breasts to their youthful position on the chest. It’s possible to combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation, for women who wish to restore both the volume and the position of the breasts.

Beach body makeover by a plastic surgeon Huntersville NC

A healthy lifestyle is great, but to look the way that you truly want to look, it may not be enough. Swimsuits hide nothing, leaving many people feeling self-conscious about their body’s imperfections all summer. If you want to end your body insecurities and finally feel confident and comfortable in a swimsuit, a body makeover can help you.

Contact Dr. EricScheduling your body makeover in the spring will allow you enough healing time to be on the beach enjoying your new body this summer. You still have time to make this the summer you can finally relax in a swimsuit. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Erik Miles, a double board certified plastic surgeon in Huntersville, NC, please contact our office at 704-896-5556.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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