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PermaLip Charlotte and Cornelius

A pretty pout is always in style. Many of our Charlotte area patients seek lip enhancement to achieve fuller, more attractive lips. Until recently achieving effective lip enhancement has posed a challenge to even the most skilled surgeons. While fillers offer an effective temporary solution, the results must be replicated every few months. For patients who desire permanent results, the maintenance appointments often prove inconvenient and expensive.

For many years, surgeons have experimented with implants to provide a more permanent solution to thin lips, however the results often appeared unnatural or even promoted unwanted tissue growth in some cases. Reversal of these implant surgeries often proved problematic, leaving scar tissue and irregularities on the lips.  Plastic surgeons have long been dissatisfied with the available surgical options. Permalip implants now offer patients a solution to these problems.  The implants provide an effective way to safely achieve the full and beautiful lips so many patients desire. These implants are also the only FDA approved synthetic implants that serve this purpose.

At North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, we are excited to offer patients this improved solution: PermaLip. a product of Surgisil, is designed exclusively to enhance the lips with patented implant technology that helps achieve desired surgical goals. If you are interested lip augmentation to increase the fullness of your lips, set a consultation appointment with Dr. Erik Miles to discuss your aesthetic goals and what a PermaLip procedure can do to perfect your pout.

What is PermaLip?

PermaLip is comprised of a soft solid silicone elastomer. Created using an injection molding process, PermaLip implants are naturally contoured with a smooth and non-porous surface. Its solid construction means that the PermaLip implants are easily removed if desired and pose no risk of rupture.

Sizing is more predictable than other implant methods.  With many size options, plastic surgeons can choose the right size to create the perfect facial harmony for each patient. Should a patient wish to have the implant removed, the procedure is totally reversible.

What is the PermaLip procedure like?

The PermaLip implants are placed in our North Charlotte office using small incisions just inside the corners of the mouth. The procedure is safely done under local anesthesia and patients experience very little pain. Typically the PermaLip procedure takes less than an hour. Patients can expect minor swelling after the procedure, however they usually return to normal activities after one week. Patients often experience a small adjustment period, but the implants quickly feel normal. Patients can speak, eat, and kiss just like they did prior to the surgery.

Am I a good candidate for PermaLip?

PermaLip provides patients with a permanent lip augmentation that is subtle and beautiful. With a PermaLip implant, Dr. Miles is able to create greater facial harmony while providing the classically beautiful full and sensuous lips that patients desire. The PermaLip implant is the most natural looking lip enhancement available. It is appropriate for both younger and older patients.

If you are interested in lip augmentation with a PermaLip implant, set-up a consultation at our Huntersville office. We are happy to help you understand the options available to help you achieve the fuller lips you desire. We take time with each patient to discuss available procedures, desired outcomes, and expectations. Each of our patients is uniquely beautiful, and we aim to help you safely enhance your natural beauty.

If you are in Lake Norman, Cornelius or Charlotte contact us today!

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