Study shows that dermal fillers don’t just fill wrinkles

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If you’re considering dermal fillers, then you might be intrigued by a new study suggesting that the benefits go beyond simply filling in wrinkles. An intriguing new study, recently published in the prestigious journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, indicates that dermal fillers might actually alter facial movements.

Dermal fillers have been shown to alter facial movements

The authors of the study used a method called 3D digital stereophotogrammetry. Basically, this is a method of capturing high-resolution digital images from multiple angles, and using a computer program to generate a highly accurate 3D model from that data.

The women taking part in the study were analyzed while making a series of facial movements. The computer focused particularly on analyzing the nasolabial folds (running from the nose to the mouth) and marionette lines (running from the mouth to the chin). One group of women in their 40s to 60s was analyzed before having their dermal filler treatment, and then again six weeks later. Another group of younger women (in their 20s to early 30s) was analyzed as a control.

What the authors found was interesting. Before the dermal filler treatment, there was a difference between the facial movement patterns of the older women and the younger women. However, after the treatment, the women’s movement patterns changed, to more closely resemble those of the younger women. In other words, dermal fillers actually changed women’s facial movements to be more youthful.

How does it work?

Although this research can’t specify exactly how fillers lead to movement changes, the authors believe that it’s related to skin tension. As facial volume is lost during the aging process, there is less tension on the skin. The facial muscles react by moving the skin in a different way. When the skin tension is restored by using a filler to replace the lost volume, then the muscles return to their more youthful pattern of movement.

Because your facial appearance depends not only on what your tissues look like, but also on how they move, altering facial movement patterns could have a significant impact on your appearance post-treatment. This helps to explain why so many people (both women and men) notice such a significant difference in how young they look after they have a dermal filler treatment.

Are you considering dermal fillers Charlotte?

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