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Should body lift be done in one or two stages?

Should body lift be done in one or two stages?

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People who have lost a massive amount of weight, whether through lifestyle changes or through bariatric surgery, usually do so primarily for health-related reasons. At the same time, they’re generally hoping to look slim after the procedure. Unfortunately, this often isn’t what happens. In most people, the skin doesn’t shrink to cover the new contour of the smaller body, and the patient is left with excess folds of sagging skin. This can be a huge disappointment after going through so much in order to lose the weight.

There is no nonsurgical method that will successfully get rid of this excess skin. If someone wants to remove it, the only option is a surgical procedure known as body contouring, or a body lift. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon removes excess tissue and tightens the remaining skin, so that it fits around the new slim body contour.

A body lift can be performed all at once, or it can be divided into two separate procedures. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option. How can you know what’s right for you? Should you have your body lift all at once, or in two stages?

Single stage body lift requires only one recovery period

In general, there are multiple parts of the body that need to be addressed during a body lift, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and sometimes the upper arms. One option is to address all of these areas at the same time. This is known as a single stage body lift.

For many people, planning for one recovery from plastic surgery is easier in terms of logistics, such as time off work and childcare. The convenience of only needing to have surgery once may be a significant factor for many patients. In addition, most people who are having a body lift are very excited to see their new bodies, and they don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to regain their confidence.

In many patients, a single stage body lift is an option, and it may be attractive to patients. At the same time, it’s important to understand that there are extra risks to this option, and it may not be right for everyone.

Two stage body lift may be a better option for some patients

Another possibility is to divide the body lift into two procedures. In general, one procedure will address the abdomen, while the other one addresses the buttocks and thighs. The patient will fully recover from the abdominoplasty before having the buttock and thigh lifts.

Depending on each patient’s specific medical history, and the amount of skin to be removed, there may be increased patient safety when doing the procedure in two stages. The single stage body lift is a long procedure, and a patient needs to be in the operating room under anesthesia for quite a few hours. This causes a greater risk of certain complications, like blood clots. Because it’s a more significant procedure, the patient may have a longer hospital stay afterward, with associated extra risks (such as infections). The overall risk of complications from a single stage body lift is higher than with two separate procedures. For patients who have risk factors in their medical history, two stage body lift is almost always preferred.

The two stage body lift helps to reduce tension on the incisions. When it’s performed all at once, there are incisions on both the front and back of the body. When the patient is positioned to take tension off one of the incisions, it increases tension on the other one. Because of this issue, the surgeon may not be able to remove quite as much extra tissue when the procedure is performed all at once. Doing the procedure in two stages allows for more tissue removal. By decreasing tension on the incisions as they heal, it may also result in better scarring.

Is single stage body lift right for you? Body lift Charlotte

If you’ve lost weight and are considering having a body lift, then your next step is a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. You’ll want to have a thorough discussion of the risks and benefits of having your body lift in one stage or in two stages. Your plastic surgeon will make recommendations for you, and you’ll have a chance to ask all of your questions.

If you’re in the greater Charlotte area, we invite you to contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miles. As a highly regarded, double-boarded plastic surgeon, he’s helped many patients to regain their confidence through a body lift, and will offer you honest advice about what would likely work best in your case.

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