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Scar Therapy in Charlotte and Huntersville with Dr. Miles

After undergoing a surgical procedure, your body will naturally scar as the body heals itself. For Dr. Miles’ patients, the scar healing​  process can be assisted with Embrace ​scar therapy in North Charlotte. embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy allows ​breast reduction, breast lift, ​and tummy tuck patients to utilize this unique​ dressing to minimize the appearance of post-operative scars by relieving the tension on the incision site.Dr. Miles is proud to be the only ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Benefits of a Breast Reduction in Charlotte- Dr. Erik Miles

Breast Reduction Surgery: A Subtle Way to Increased Confidence in HuntersvilleWhile fuller breasts remain a popular surgical request, breast reduction provides a similar confidence boost to women who feel encumbered by larger breasts. Most patients come to Dr. Miles for a breast reduction when their large breasts appear disproportionate, create discomfort and create undesired side effects.Many patients in the Lake Norman area seek breast reduction because they feel overwhelmed by the ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Surgical Options in Charlotte: Combined Into One or Staged Over Time?

Many of our Charlotte-area patients desire more than one cosmetic procedure to help achieve their desired look. Mothers looking to rejuvenate their bodies post-pregnancy often seek several surgical options that may include a breast lift with augmentation, or tummy tuck and labiaplasty to help restore their bodies to pre-pregnancy form. Likewise, patients who seek to remove excess skin after massive weight loss often wish to undertake multiple procedures in order to tighten loose skin around the ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Male Cosmetic Surgery in Huntersville with Dr. Erik Miles

Men Seek Cosmetic Procedures to Look Their Best in Huntersville Modern society places a high value on youthful beauty. While beauty is often considered the purview of women, men also benefit frommany of the cosmetic procedures offered at North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Whether a man is seeking to improve signs of aging of the face or improve a specific body feature, we offer a wide variety of opportunities for a man to achieve the cosmetic results he ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments in Huntersville with Dr. Erik Miles

Non-Surgical Treatments in Charlotte: Which One is Right for You?It's no secret that aging takes its toll on beauty. As skin ages it loses resiliency and elasticity and facial features like lips and eyelashes lose their natural volume. While a good skin care regimen, avoiding the sun, and a healthy diet all help the skin look its best as you age sometimes nature needs a little help. While more complex and intense procedures like face-lifts offer surgical solutions to reversing the signs ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction

Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction: Reclaiming the Feminine Physique in Charlotte and Huntersville. Innovation in breast cancer treatments and early detection offer renewed hope to those diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, often the treatment of this aggressive cancer requires a similarly aggressive treatment. The removal of natural breast tissue through mastectomy alters the body forever, creating a constant reminder for patients of the effects of the surgery.  While patients often ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Mommy Makeovers in Charlotte with Dr. Erik J. Miles

After Baby: Getting Your Body Back Post-Pregnancy in Charlotte No matter how hard we work, pregnancy leaves its mark on the body. Strength training, a mindful diet, and a good dose of cardio help new mothers drop excess weight, however these efforts do not always repair the unexpected sags, puckers, and shifts that happen as a result of carrying a new life.For those mothers who wish to reclaim their pre-baby physique, cosmetic procedures offer a way to look amazing post-pregnancy. Whether ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

North Charlotte Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Moves to New Location on Kincey Ave.

For Immediate Release: 11/14/2013 North Charlotte Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery9735 Kincey Ave, Suite 104 Huntersville, NC  28178 North Charlotte Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Moves to New Location on Kincey Ave Huntersville, NC  North Charlotte Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is celebrating its recent move to a new office featuring a state-of-the-art Surgery Center in Huntersville with an Open House on Monday, November 18.Members of the North Charlotte community and ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

10 Tips for a Great Recovery from Plastic Surgery in Charlotte

Plastic Surgery Recovery Information for our Huntersville Patients Patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures often focus solely on what happens on the surgical table. However, the success of a procedure relies just as much on the good self-care practices of the patient post-surgery as it does on the technical finesse of the plastic surgeon. While many patients are eager to enjoy the results of surgery immediately, the healing process takes time and care. It is vital that patients observe ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles