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Get Toned and Firmer Arms With Brachioplasty in Charlotte

A healthy diet and exercise are vital for our health and important to maintain the bodies we desire. But sometimes, no matter how much effort we put forth, it’s just not enough to get rid of the excess skin and fat on our arms. Try as we might, arm curls just aren’t enough. Fortunately, patients may find the results they desire in brachioplasty with Dr. Erik Miles. What causes excess arm fat? The undesired “chicken wing” effect can occur for a number of reasons. Excessive weight ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Restore Your Confidence With Breast Reconstruction in Charlotte

Every year, many women undergo life-altering surgery to combat breast cancer. Whether the oncologist elects to remove all or part of the breast, women are often left with a decrease in self-esteem after the mastectomy is performed. To minimize the physical and mental effects, women may elect to undergo breast reconstruction in Charlotte. This procedure restores the shape and appearance of breasts. Dr. Erik Miles works with area surgeons to provide breast reconstruction following cancer ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Get a Tummy Tuck in Charlotte For a Smoother and Firmer Belly

For most of us, a protruding belly is an inevitable reality. Aging, genetics, pregnancy, or poor eating habits will cause the stomach to grow and sag from the waistline. Even individuals with healthy body weight and proportions will likely experience it at some point. The inevitability doesn’t mean you have to live with it though. Dr. Erik Miles of North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery may recommend patients undergo tummy tuck surgery. What is a tummy tuck? A tummy tuck, also ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Get Bolder Looking Eyes With Latisse in Huntersville

Worldwide, the makeup industry took in $58.79 billion dollars last year alone. Across the globe, women are looking to hide, highlight, enhance, and rejuvenate with whatever products they can get their hands on. One of the most popular products amongst them all is mascara. Often, even women who don’t regularly wear cosmetics will grab their mascara wand before walking out the door to brighten the eyes. For a large number of women, the process is just a necessary step in their routine – ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Restore Your Youth With Brow Rejuvenation in Charlotte

Aging is inevitable but that doesn’t mean we have to just roll over and accept it. Wrinkles around the eyes and forehead prominently display this aging, often far sooner than we would like. For patients looking to reduce these signs of aging, Dr. Erik Miles of North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery may recommend brow rejuvenation, otherwise commonly referred to as a “brow lift”. What is brow rejuvenation? Brow rejuvenation goes by many names. It’s often referred to as a ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Choosing Breast Implants in Charlotte That are Right for You

Electing to undergo breast augmentation is a big decision, brought on by different reasons for many women. Some may elect to feel more comfortable in their clothing while others may be electing to achieve a more symmetrical appearance. Others still may choose to undergo a breast augmentation after an injury or surgery. No matter the decision, Dr. Erik Miles of North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery is here to help you through the decision process for electing breast ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Get the Perfect Pout With PermaLip in Charlotte

In years past, lip augmentation meant one of two things: either you were going to spend the rest of your days making routine trips to the plastic surgeon for lip injections or you were going to suffer from fake and obvious results from the subpar implants available at the time. While injections were effective, their results were temporary. Lip implants weren’t any better. In fact, many of the best surgeons were dissatisfied with the implants available because they caused scar tissue to ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Find Relief in a Breast Reduction in Huntersville with Dr. Erik Miles

For a large number of women, completing regular activities in their daily routines may seem like an overwhelming task. Their large breasts make it difficult to exercise and may even halt exercise altogether. Thankfully, there is a solution. For women with problems caused by large breasts, Dr. Erik Miles may recommend a breast reduction. What is a breast reduction? A breast reduction, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to remove size and mass from an ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Bridal Makeover in Charlotte With Dr. Erik Miles

Your wedding is a big day and you want to look your best. Everyone you love will be there and you’ll have plenty of photographs taken to commemorate the occasion. But getting that perfect bridal body can be difficult, especially when you’re already dealing with all of the stress associated with the planning. When you visit North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Erik Miles can help determine which procedures will help you be the beautiful bride you want to be on your ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

What to Expect After Breast Augmentation in Huntersville

Breast augmentation is an extremely popular surgery that allows women to enhance the size and shape of their breasts so that they can be more confident in clothes and swimsuits. Many patients know what results they desire from the procedure but don’t have a clear understanding of what to expect following the surgery. Dr. Erik Miles presents all of his patients at North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery with a clear understanding of what to expect prior to the procedure. The ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles