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Healing Your Scars Faster with Silagen Huntersville

Your skin is a very delicate organ that requires daily care to remain soft and smooth. Whether opting for an elective cosmetic surgery or undergoing a medically necessary procedure, an incision must be made to achieve the desired outcome. While every effort is made to reduce visibility of your scars, from positioning to the skilled methods of plastic surgery, some level of scarring may remain.

The resulting effects are a darkened and sometimes raised area where scar tissue builds as part of the natural healing process. But these visual reminders aren’t needed for the healing process. In fact, the smaller the scarring is on the surface, the less invasive it is below the surface, allowing the tissue below the surface to move freely and unencumbered.

To encourage healthy scar healing, Dr. Erik Miles offers a new product that eases the process of removing scar tissue, Silagen Scar Refinement System. Silagen is a physician-exclusive silicone gel sheeting or silicone liquid gel that helps the skin heal and replace the scar tissue faster than when left to its own devices. Dr. Miles has helped many men and women successfully reduce their scarring with Silagen Huntersville.

What is Silagen?

When skin is damaged, it creates a scar while the new skin underneath begins to heal. However, as the skin heals not all of the tissues are able to regenerate leaving some areas of thickened tissue that is different in appearance and texture. This scar tissue is difficult to remove as it penetrates deep within the tissue. Traditional therapies and skin creams only penetrate the outer layer of the skin, which does not affect the scar tissue deeper within. Silagen is a silicone system that you apply to your skin to help reduce scarring and prevent further scar tissue from developing.

The silicone system does not hurt or burn when applied. Silagen gel stays on the skin longer and penetrates the hardened keratin tissues that make up the scars. It softens the tissues so that the scar is no longer raised and hardened. It also promotes collagen growth so that the skin cells regenerate faster making dead cells disappear faster. Silagen Silicone Gel with SPF 30 protects your skin from dangerous UV rays, protecting your healing skin from exposure to sunlight. Exposure to damaging UV rays can make scars more prominent and slow the healing process.

Silagen strips are made in several sizes to accommodate scars of all sizes ranging from small micro incisions to larger ones such as the ones from a tummy tuck. Dr. Miles provides strips of all sizes to ensure that all of your scars are treated regardless of size and location.

How do I use Silagen?

Applying Silagen to your scars is quite easy and simple. Once you have applied it you can go about your daily routine.

Silicone Gel Sheeting

If you used the strips, it is important that you apply it to dry skin. You can simply press the strip to the scar area. Press the strip firmly into the skin so that it sticks to the skin.

100% Silicone Gel

When using the liquid gel, Dr. Miles recommends that you apply Silagen gel twice a day for maximum effect. By applying it once before your day and once before you go to sleep you allow your skin plenty of time to absorb the gel and initiate the healing process.

First take a small drop or two of Silagen on your finger. Not much of the gel is required for it to be effective. Next take the small drop and gently massage it into your skin where the scar tissue is located. Make sure that you massage it into all areas of the scar tissue so that the entire scar fades. Once you have applied it, allow it to dry for a few minutes and ensure that you do not rub it off when applying makeup or washing your face.

Do not apply the Silagen gel and the strips at the same time, as this can reduce the adhesive and effectiveness of the strips.

Dr. Miles typically recommends that you use Silagen daily for eight to ten weeks. He will monitor your scar’s healing and ensure that you are applying the gel properly.

How do I learn more? Silagen Huntersville

If you are tired of fighting scars and using creams and gels that fail to produce results, Dr. Miles offers Silagen Huntersville, Charlotte, Lake Norman, and the surrounding area, for lasting results. You can call his office at (704) 896-5556 to learn more about Silagen products or reach out online to learn more about this effective scar reduction system.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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