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Do breast implants sag over time?

Do breast implants sag over time?

Charlotte breast implant surgeon

When a woman gets breast implants, she’s often excited to see her new figure. She’s usually thinking about what it will be like right after the healing process is complete, and she can show off her new body. This can be exciting, but women may also wonder about the longer term results of breast augmentation.

Will breast implants sag over time, as natural breast tissue does?

The implant itself will not sag

Unlike breast tissue, the breast implant itself will not sag or droop over time. The silicone of the implant generally holds its shape and volume – unlike natural breast tissue, which may change in both shape and volume as a woman ages. The silicone implant itself resists changes over time and doesn’t generally become saggy.

Implants do sometimes rupture, and they may need to be replaced. Usually, breast implants last for at least ten years, and sometimes for longer. However, it’s important to be prepared for the possibility that your implants will need to be replaced in the future.

The tissues around the implant will change

Although the implant itself won’t sag, this doesn’t mean that the appearance of the breast won’t change at all with aging. As we get older, there’s a gradual loss of proteins like collagen and elastin in the skin. This leads to a loss of skin elasticity, and the skin tends to start sagging. When the skin around the breast implant begins to sag, the breast may start looking droopy, even though the implant itself has not changed. A breast lift may be helpful, to address the issues with sagging skin. In some cases, exchanging the implant for a somewhat larger size may help to fill out the breast envelope and solve the problem of sagging.

In addition, implants sometimes experience a problem known as “bottoming out.” This occurs when the tissues beneath the implant are not strong enough to hold it in place, and the implant starts migrating down the chest wall. Using good surgical technique helps to minimize this risk. When the implant crosses the inframammary crease (the crease at the bottom of the breast), then it’s more likely to bottom out over time. In addition, if too large of an opening is left at the bottom of the chest muscle when the implant is placed, then the tissues are less able to hold the implant in place.

Choosing larger implants may also increase the risk of bottoming out, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you’re deciding what size you’d like your implants to be.

Are you looking for an expert Charlotte breast implant surgeon?

To minimize the chances of sagging of your implants over time, it’s important that you choose a highly skilled and experienced surgeon to place them. Surgical technique can make a difference in how well your implants hold up over time.

As a double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Miles is extremely well-qualified to perform breast augmentation. He frequently performs the initial placement of implants, as well as implant exchange procedures. If you’re considering breast augmentation and want to minimize the chances of sagging over time, or if you’ve already experienced sagging of your augmented breasts, Dr. Miles will be happy to consult with you to talk about your options. Please contact our office to schedule your appointment.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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