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Combining breast lift with breast augmentation for a complete breast rejuvenation – breast augmentation Charlotte

If you’ve been considering either a breast lift or a breast augmentation, there’s a chance that you’d benefit more from a combined procedure.

breast augmentation charlotte
As women age, many begin to notice that their breasts no longer look youthful. In place of the youthful perkiness, breasts may sag or droop, with the nipple often falling below the breast fold. In addition, the breasts may lose volume and appear “deflated.” After pregnancy and breastfeeding are completed, many women notice a similar deflated and sagging appearance to the breasts.

Some women, noticing that the breasts lack fullness, assume that adding back volume through a breast augmentation will be enough to rejuvenate the breasts. Others, noticing the sagging, believe that a breast lift alone will be enough to bring back that youthful feminine shape.

However, it’s commonly the case that these women would have a better result if they had both a breast augmentation and a breast lift. Often, having just one or the other procedure will not be able to completely restore the appearance of the breasts. Many women don’t want to have two separate surgeries, and would prefer to have both procedures done simultaneously.

Can a breast lift and a breast augmentation be done at the same time?

A breast lift and a breast augmentation can often be done at the same time, to provide a complete rejuvenation of the breasts. The combined procedure is called an “augmentation mastopexy.” Some plastic surgeons prefer to stage the procedures, doing the breast lift and the augmentation separately. However, for many women, doing the two procedures at the same time will produce the best result.

The biggest advantage to doing a breast lift and breast augmentation at the same time is that there is only one recovery period. Almost everyone would rather recover from surgery once instead of twice!

Also, by doing the breast lift and augmentation simultaneously, the surgeon can create the best cosmetic result. If the surgeon must remove excess skin during a breast lift, and then stretch out the remaining skin to accommodate a breast implant, the final result may not be ideal. By combining the two procedures, the surgeon can tailor the breast positioning and the amount of skin removal during the breast lift to the final volume of the breasts after placement of the implants, creating a more precise result.

Considering a breast lift or breast augmentation Charlotte?

Dr. Eric MilesIf you’re considering having the combined procedure, then you need to consult with a highly qualified plastic surgeon to find out whether you’re a candidate. If you’ve been considering either a breast lift or a breast augmentation Charlotte, there’s a chance that you’d get more benefit out of a combined augmentation mastopexy rather than a single procedure. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miles and learn more about your options.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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