What makes a VI Chemical Peel unique?

VI Peel Charlotte

Most of us have enjoyed the sun for the last several months. Now that the weather has turned cooler, some of us will look in a mirror and see some lingering sun damage from all of that summer fun. Dark spots, texture abnormalities, fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin issues can all be the result of sun damage. In today’s climate, many of us are also experiencing “maskne” from wearing masks for extended periods of time on a regular basis. 

Fortunately, you have some options for addressing these skin concerns and rejuvenating your face. One of the options is a chemical peel. While chemical peels have traditionally been associated with significant discomfort and downtime, our practice has recently begun offering the VI Peel, a revolutionary treatment which offers the benefits of a chemical peel without the discomfort.

VI Peel benefits

The VI Peel was developed to address the concerns that traditional chemical peels create. The dermatologist who created this peel wanted to treat his teenage daughter’s acne without causing her too much discomfort. The particular combination of acids used in a VI Peel is unique, and they act in a synergistic way to create effective results with minimum skin sensitivity. In fact, this is the only chemical peel currently on the market that’s gentle enough to use on the delicate undereye area.

To make the experience of having a VI Peel as comfortable as possible, the peel contains a numbing agent. This virtually eliminates discomfort, so that getting this peel feels as painless as possible. If you’ve considered a traditional chemical peel, but have avoided it because you were worried that it would be uncomfortable, there’s no need to worry with the VI Peel.

Does the VI Peel actually work? Research shows that the answer is a resounding yes. A study of women who received the VI Peel showed that 93% of them reported improvements in skin texture, and 94% reported that their skin looked radiant and better overall. Additionally, 98% of women reported that receiving the peel was not painful. The VI Peel is a positive experience, resulting in significant benefits for the skin’s appearance.

Considering a VI Peel Charlotte?

Dr. MilesWe’re one of a few medical offices currently offering VI Peels in the greater Charlotte area. We train our staff in this specific procedure because we want to offer our patients the best. VI Peel offers the benefits of a chemical peel without the discomfort traditionally associated with the process. We’re excited to offer this revolutionary new chemical peel to our community. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to learn more or to have a VI Peel, please contact our office.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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