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Charlotte Breast Reconstruction

There is no way to prepare for the loss of one or both breasts due to cancer or other illness. When a piece of your womanhood and your body is taken from you, it is only natural to grieve. Both physical and emotional healing follows no set time line, but one that is unique to each patient. There are many different options available for women today following the removal of one or both breasts, and while no one answer is best for all, for some women, a Reconstructive Breast Surgery may be the ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

North Charlotte Breast Reconstruction

Women diagnosed with breast cancer go through several stages of shock and devastation, made even worse when it means losing a piece of their womanhood such a part of one, one  or both breasts. A decade or so ago options available to women following removal of one or both breasts where very limited to none, but these days more options than ever before are available. Breast reconstruction surgery is one option many women are choosing to help reconstruct their breasts after the loss. Dr. ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Breast Augmentation and Lift

Breast Augmentation is arguably one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures being performed today in this country. Over 300,000 women every year make the decision to go bigger. Breast Augmentation can increase the size of the breasts in women who have born with small breasts and can re-fill out the breasts in women whose breasts have deflated after childbirth or in aging. A Breast Lift is another popular procedure among women who wish to revitalize the appearance of their breasts. The ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles