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Scar Therapy in Charlotte and Huntersville with Dr. Miles

After undergoing a surgical procedure, your body will naturally scar as the body heals itself. For Dr. Miles’ patients, the scar healing​  process can be assisted with Embrace ​scar therapy in North Charlotte. embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy allows ​breast reduction, breast lift, ​and tummy tuck patients to utilize this unique​ dressing to minimize the appearance of post-operative scars by relieving the tension on the incision site.

Dr. Miles is proud to be the only plastic surgeon in the Charlotte area who is currently able to offer his patients this amazing scar treatment.

How does a scar form?

As your body heals from surgery, inflammatory cells and collagen producing fibroblasts are sent to the incision site to repair the cut. These cells work with your body to mend and close the wound. As your body naturally moves, tension is created and more of these cells are sent to reinforce the repair process. As more collagen is produced, scar tissue is created, often forming an unsightly raised area at the incision point. Scar tissue forms internally and on the surface of the incision site. The size and appearance of the scar is determined by the depth of the incision and your body’s own reaction to the healing process. Scar formation can not be completely avoided, but it can certainly be improved.

What is embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy for?

Studies have shown that relieving the tension around skin during the healing process can drastically improve the formation and appearance of scars. embrace® is used to reduce the appearance of scar tissue after aesthetic surgical procedures. Patients typically prefer that scars be light and minimized​ as much as ​possible after a procedure of any kind. The dressing manages scar formation and minimizes the appearance of scar tissue.

How does embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy work?

embrace® utilizes a special stress-reduction technology that reduces the tension on the incision site. The scar therapy dressing is applied with a special applicator and worn for a week at a time for a period of six to ​eight weeks. It’s waterproof so there’s no need to remove it until the next dressing application​. Embrace® is comfortable and many patients have reported pain reduction when the dressing is used. The bio-compatible elastomeric dressing actively reduces natural skin tension and allows the patient mobility without damaging the repair process.

Will embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy work on my scar?

If you are undergoing a breast procedure​ or abdominoplasty, embrace® scar therapy may be recommended for you. Dr. Erik Miles is currently the only doctor in the state of North Carolina to offer embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy to his patients. If you have any questions regarding the dressing, please feel free to call or ask Dr. Erik Miles during your consultation.

embrace® dressings are a great way for patients of Dr. Erik Miles to improve the ​scar healing process​ and reduce the appearance of scars. Embrace​ not only improves physical appearance but may also improve a patient’s confidence as unsightly scars are minimized​.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact our Huntersville​ office at your convenience.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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