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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments in Huntersville with Dr. Erik Miles

Non-Surgical Treatments in Charlotte: Which One is Right for You?


It’s no secret that aging takes its toll on beauty. As skin ages it loses resiliency and elasticity and facial features like lips and eyelashes lose their natural volume. While a good skin care regimen, avoiding the sun, and a healthy diet all help the skin look its best as you age sometimes nature needs a little help. While more complex and intense procedures like face-lifts offer surgical solutions to reversing the signs of aging, there are many non-surgical options available to patients looking to brighten and rejuvenate their face.

Patients in Charlotte who seek out nonsurgical solutions for wrinkles and other signs of aging should set-up a consultation with Dr. Erik J. Miles to learn what solutions best suit their needs.

“I want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.”

Throughout our lives we experience a variety of emotions. Over time these emotions literally get written on our faces. The facial muscles we use to smile or frown can encourage deep wrinkles to form around our mouths, eyes and on our foreheads. In fact, We name these fine lines and wrinkles after the emotions that elicited them—laugh lines punctuate our mouths and worry lines cause unwanted creases in our foreheads.

Botox injections effectively relax the muscles that create these wrinkles. By applying Botox to areas prone to wrinkles, Dr. Miles helps release the muscles in these areas thereby reducing the appearance of lines and even preventing the deepening of existing wrinkles and the creation of new ones. Results of Botox injections vary from patient to patient, but most effects last six months or longer.

Botox appointments are quick, most lasting around ten minutes. There is little very little recovery associated with the injections; thought there may be light bruising at the injection site on occasion. The results are immediately noticeable.

“My lips are so thin!”

Aging steals youthful volume from our facial features including our lips. This loss of volume can create an undesirable tightness to the mouth and even encourage fine lines to form. A soft tissue or dermal filler helps return volume to the mouth, returning it to a youthful and voluptuous put.

Dermal fillers can also be used to fill our other diminished areas of the face including the cheeks and  under eye area. The introduction of these fillers works to stimulate natural collagen production in these areas returning both volume and elasticity.

“My eyelashes have all but disappeared.”

Latisse is a unique product that helps stimulate the growth of lashes both in length and volume. Thick and lustrous lashes help frame the eyes and lend a youthful and feminine appearance. While cosmetics like eyeliner and mascara can help improve the appearance of thinning eyelashes, Latisse actually helps patients grow their own lashes. This helps create an overall beautiful and natural appearance.

Botox, dermal fillers, Latisse and a wide range of other nonsurgical options offer Charlotte patients noninvasive treatments help reduce the signs of aging. If you would like to set up a consultation for these or any other cosmetic procedure, please contact North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at (704) 896-5556.

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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