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Category Archives: Skin

Radiofrequency Microneedling

Dr. Miles always stays up-to-date on the latest developments in cosmetic medical technology, so he can offer the best cutting-edge treatments to his patients. We’re delighted to offer minimally invasive treatments with a radiofrequency (RF) device, an excellent form of treatment for skin tightening.After extensive research and trial of various devices, Dr. Miles has chosen the Legend Pro RF treatment device for his patients. This device offers a few benefits over other RF devices. It ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is a noninvasive treatment that requires no downtime that treats a variety of skin concerns, including acne, rosacea, skin pigmentation abnormalities, various signs of aging, vascularity (broken blood vessels), and unwanted hair. Sometimes known as a “photofacial,” IPL is similar in some ways to laser therapy (which also uses light), but it’s also different in importantrespects.After researching the latest technologies that are now available, Dr. Miles selected the Stellar M22 ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

How does RF energy affect the body’s tissues?

How does RF energy affect the body’s tissues? RF microneedling Charlotte When it comes to reversing the visible signs of aging, there are a variety of different options. The most dramatic results generally come from a surgical facelift. However, not everyone wants to commit to a surgical procedure and the associated downtime for recovery. There are also some people who are concerned about certain aspects of their appearance and would like facial rejuvenation, but aren’t yet at the point ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles

Skin cancer removal and reconstruction

Skin cancer surgery Charlotte It’s summer, and everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine. We love some fun in the sun as much as anyone! However, we have unfortunately also seen the effects of too much sun without enough sunscreen. Besides causing premature aging, it can also lead to skin cancer.[videoplay autoplay="0" videourl='' cssclass='center-video']Most types of skin cancer can be treated through surgical ... Read More
Dr. Erik J. Miles