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Benefits of a Breast Reduction in Charlotte- Dr. Erik Miles

Breast Reduction Surgery: A Subtle Way to Increased Confidence in Huntersville


While fuller breasts remain a popular surgical request, breast reduction provides a similar confidence boost to women who feel encumbered by larger breasts. Most patients come to Dr. Miles for a breast reduction when their large breasts appear disproportionate, create discomfort and create undesired side effects.

Many patients in the Lake Norman area seek breast reduction because they feel overwhelmed by the size and prominence of their breasts. Many find the weight and size of their breasts interferes with athletic activity, their ability to wear certain fashions, and most patients even endure chronic pain in their shoulders, neck and lower back. Large breasts can also create impediments to running, swimming and engaging in other athletic activities. For some, overly large breasts draw undesired attention that limits socialization and impedes confidence in public and in private.

Breast reduction surgery reduces the size and weight of the breasts to a more proportionally pleasing size helping Lake Norman area patients feel more at ease with the size of their breasts. This reduction in breast volume often gives patients more freedom and confidence to partake in physical and social activities. Discomfort from back, neck, and shoulder pain typically improves tremendously after surgery. Patients report great satisfaction with the relief they experience from their smaller breasts.

Breast reduction surgery often significantly improves the quality of life for patients who have spent a lifetime concealing their overly large breasts due to discomfort and embarrassment. Through breast reduction surgery, patients find confidence in things others take for granted, such as participating in physical activity and wearing bikini tops.

Dr. Erik Miles will help you develop the shapely and balanced profile you desire. Our staff is happy to walk you through your financial options; in some cases, breast reduction surgery is covered by insurance if deemed to be “medically necessary” by your insurance carrier—specifically if you are experiencing back, shoulder or neck pain, have wide grooves in your shoulders where your bra straps dig in, and have experienced rashes underneath your breasts.

Even if your breasts do not cause you physical health problems, breast reduction surgery is still a viable option for patients who are dissatisfied with the proportion or appearance of their breasts. Breasts that appear out of proportion to the rest of the body, pendulous breasts that swing or breasts that are asymmetrical can all be remedied by breast reduction surgery.

During consultation, Dr. Miles will listen to your concerns and discuss your reasons for electing reduction surgery. He will take time to discuss your surgical options and your desired cup size. Some patients may only require a small reduction while desiring to have more youthful appearing breasts. These patients may elect to undergo a breast lift to reposition the breasts higher on the chest and create a pleasing shape. Patients who seek to correct asymmetries, one breast being larger than the other, may also opt to use an augmentation and implants to balance the size of breasts.

If you are considering a breast reduction surgery in the Charlotte area, please call to set-up a consultation appointment today. During consultation, we are able to discuss the procedure in depth as well as make recommendations based on your individual needs and health history. To make an appointment today, call: (704) 896-5556

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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