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10 Tips for a Great Recovery from Plastic Surgery in Charlotte

Plastic Surgery Recovery Information for our Huntersville Patients

Patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures often focus solely on what happens on the surgical table. However, the success of a procedure relies just as much on the good self-care practices of the patient post-surgery as it does on the technical finesse of the plastic surgeon. While many patients are eager to enjoy the results of surgery immediately, the healing process takes time and care. It is vital that patients observe careful post-surgery protocol to ensure that the area affected by surgery heals quickly and well. If you are looking to maximize your investment in a cosmetic procedure, take the time to discuss the recovery process with your physician.

Dr. Erik J. Miles at North Charlotte Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery spends a great deal of time with patients prior to surgery outlining reasonable expectations for surgery success and the recovery timeline. Good recovery practices provide the best results!

1. A successful recovery begins before the day of surgery. A patients health and well being prior to surgery is a strong indicator of quick healing and surgical success. Patients who smoke should complete a cessation program prior to surgery. Smoking negatively impacts both circulation and skin tone, two vital components necessary for a quick rebound post-surgery.

2. Patients should also discontinue the use of aspirin prior to surgery. The blood thinning properties of the common over the counter medicine promote thinning of the blood. This can cause complications during the procedure as well as impede clotting and other natural healing functions after surgery.

3. Do yourself a favor and prepare your living space for recovery ahead of surgery making certain to attend to most needs. Easy access to medications, pre-prepared meals, and creature comforts such as tissues and even the remote control eliminate unnecessary movement.

4. Keep your bedroom area stocked with several pillows for both comfort and necessary support.

5. Invest in a front tying robe as well as button front shirts to wear in the first weeks of recovery. Whether recovering from a face lift or breast reduction, limiting the movement necessary to get dressed and to remove clothing helps keep bandages and sutures in place.

6. Take time ahead of surgery to fill any necessary medications. Your physician may prescribe special pain relievers as well as other medications to promote healing. Be sure to fill the prescriptions ahead of time, as well as any other regular prescriptions you take such as birth control pills or an inhaler.

7. Find a buddy! Ask a friend or family member to drive you home from the hospital and possibly even stay overnight. The first days after surgery are more than just physically taxing. Not only does a buddy provide assistance with household tasks, the companionship provided by a friend can help recovering patients keep spirits up in the emotionally difficult downtime post-surgery.

8. While it is very tempting to “sneak a peek” of surgical results, keep all bandages in place until instructed to remove them by a physician like Dr. Erik J. Miles in North Charlotte. It may become necessary to redress sutures, however it is best to allow swelling to subside and bruising to heal prior to scrutinizing results.

9. Think positive! The period of healing pain, anticipation, and immobility that directly follows surgery sometimes leaves patients frustrated and even depressed. While undergoing a cosmetic procedure represents a positive step forward, the first days often feel like a setback. Keep the eye on the prize, in no time the bandages come off and all the hard work pays off. 1

0. Once the bandages do come off, consult with your doctor about further recovery and settling. Some surgical results are immediately realized, however others such as breast augmentation sometimes take several months to settle into their final position.

After your recovery is over, enjoy! Choosing to do something great for your body and yourself helps build self-confidence and is ultimately very empowering. It’s worth the time and effort to recover conscientiously. A few days or weeks of diligence lead to a lifetime of radiance!

Dr. Erik J. Miles
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